International Students Employability Conference 2021


The 2-day International Student Employability Conference will inter-connect Industry Experts (International Education Stakeholders, Employers) and International Students and graduates. Industry expert speakers will include:

  • Recruitment leaders and International Student Recruitment Specialists include (Job Coaches)
  • HR managers of large companies (Domestic and International)
  • Successful International Student Alumni
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs,
  • Leaders of Institution based start-up programs
  • Senior leaders and managers of Universities and Education Providers
  • Peak Body and Government Representatives

    This conference will support international students in NSW to develop and increase their understanding of employability factors in NSW and beyond and to help International students to adapt to the work culture in Australia.


    The two-day conference will have the following additional benefits:

  • Motivate and inspire International Students to seek broader opportunities outside the norm.
  • Bridge the cultural gap between students and the employers.
  • Create a network and community of Students, Experts and partners that can connect and build the employability ecosystem.
  • Build awareness with employers in NSW on hiring international students and graduates